Upcoming 2017

December 2016. It’s really astounding how fast the time fleets. One month left until we can greet the blessful year. So many things have happened. And somehow I can’t help but feel that I’ve accomplished nothing so far. I can only wish in the next year, I can be more active in this blog, create something, anything. Of course I can start it from now, but, hey, I’m the self-proclaimed infamous procrastinator.

Today is 2 December, or 212, they said. There is this so-called demonstration of the religious people’s anger towards the Governor’s case of so-called blasphemy. Which I think it is very stupid thing to do, but we do know how they are, right? I don’t even get some of my friends participated in this protest, just because they said they wanted to defend their religion. No matter how I think about it, it keeps making no sense at all. For fuck’s sake. Well, at least I can see how my friends, collegues, and families react to this case and their view about that.

Anyway…  I just called my parents moments ago and they said they already wanted a grandchild. Seriously, I just facepalm’d.


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